Being away for quite sometimes was a serious hectic life to me..Since semester 3 started aka short semester,everything goes short notice,short time and sometimes it feels like short of breath too!!

As the pic above it was an appointment letter for being part of new curriculum developer or new diploma developer.As a programme developer we have a very tight schedule for documents submission.What makes things worst was that we have to change all documentation into a new formats!So since most of the programme developers are new to the formats so we need to undergo a training.Initially we just need to attend 2 days training,but then the organizer want to continue for another 2 days and it happened to be a crash course training!! Sometimes I feels like crashing my head to the wall due to so many inputs.ehhehe..it doesn't make sense anyway..;P

Fortunately the training has been conducted externally awayyyyy from da office.So that we can enjoy yummiest meals at all times and enjoy compensate our self with shopping near by the venue..heheehe....The training was held @ De Palma Ampang which the route can be expected to be jammed at all timessssss..plus heavy rain during those days were very scary and creepy.The lightning just in front of my friend's car will be remembered forever.To be remembered was the day Rumah Anak2 Yatim Hulu Langat being skidded by the hill happened to be the same day as my friend and I almost broke down in a car during heavy rain in the midst of kl.KL with heavy rain = flood!! Alhamdulillah we safely arrived home and back to our normal life as a wife and mother again..;)

But my haywire life is not yet comes to an end..but as a normal human being we just need to face what ever hurdles that comes through our lives. Like it or not it is the best that we have now and maybe forever..only ALLAH knows what is the best for us..

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