Homesick like crazy !

I am homesick...sad...downhearted..crying like crazy!!

Truly missed my parents back home..sisters n relatives..It has been quite sometimes we didn't get the opportunities to go back home and spending times with my parents n relatives..walk along the beach,window shopping at pasar payang and have a great times at Pantai Teluk Ketapang rejoicing the scents of the sea.

This morning..i suddenly bump into the feeling of sadness and homesick while teaching in my MIS class today.The deep feeling continues after the class end..i walk slowly to the office and start looking for any convenient dates for me n family to go back dates available..and most important thing is that my the other half is very busy with the works.

My deep feelings starts showing off..i start crying without nobody noticing it.But being a women who always share everything with friend,i did tell my colleague that i'm homesick and then i start crying like crazy.Everybody panicked and try to soothe me down..alhamdulillah with the words and advice from them,I slowly relieved..

Most of them advised me to go back home this weekend.But its seem very difficult for me n hubby to go back home for only 1-2 days.Actually we did a plan to go back home on February during chinese new year because my cousin is going to get engage during that time and because of that reason we decide to have a long vacations then.But February is longgg way to go..and now I'm homesick badly..pity me...

p/s:my friends said nadia is carrying a baby gurl because she cries a lot and always in emotional mode this time..wallahuallam...

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