Hayyan oooh Hayyan.

Last two days was a nightmare for both mama and abi.Hayyan got a very bad cough and it caused hayyan to vomit every now and then.It happened during late at nite.Hayyan vomits more than four times starting from 2 am until 6 am.

Pity my dearly baby boy..he cried whenever he vomits and say.."mama,untah untah(muntah)..bashah( basah)".We run to the toilet like crazy as if we are not sleepy.Only Allah knows how sleepy we are...

Mama really don't know what was happened to him.Before that he was just fine.But mama realized that he was losing his appetite that nite.He just consume milk and not food.After vomitting, mama gave him a plain water just to make him not dehydrated thru out the nite.Unfortunately,he vomitted again with all the plain water covered the bed sheet.After covering the bed sheet with all the napkins here and there ( just to be prepared if hayyan vomit again) , Hayyan fall asleep until morning.

Alhamdulilah..the nightmare stop accordingly.And hayyan becomes more cheerfull in the morning. But still very difficult to wake him up since he got less sleeping hours during the nite.

That morning hayyan is still sleeping in the car and just woke up when we almost reach the school.

The end....

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