IIC Convocation is coming!!!!!

This coming Saturday,International Islamic College will have our 4th year convocation.Every committees are very busy preparing for the Big Day including me.Heheheh...actually mama is one of the refreshment committees so we not that busy comparing with other committees such as Robes,Prep & Tech,Special Task etc.

We will be very busy tomorrow ( tomorrow is the rehearsal day) and on the Big Day itself.We will be busy packing food and distributing food to the other committees.

The ceremony will be adverted in one of the famous television broadcast and in some newspapers.Emmm....can't hardly wait for the Big Day as many of my ex-students will be graduating this coming Saturday.

Hinshh..Hinsh..bangga campur terharu pun ada.Dah berjaya seme anak2 murid ku.Good Luck ehh korang.

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