Tempat lepak kesukaanku...

This is my workstation eventhough it is not really mine.hahahhahaha...Actually this cubicle is belongs to a practical training unit.Since mama is one of the committe so mama always lepak here as if this is my cubicle.The rest of the committes were rarely lepak here because mama was always there.Heheheheh...soooo not approriate,isn't??

Wanna see my real cubicle????


Hahahaha...so messy just like the owner today.TODAY only yaaaa....the rest of the other days mama was just fine.At my cubicle mama got no free desktop pc.Just like the other staffs.But mama got a laptop.But currently my third baby ( da laptop of course) is not feeling well.Batuk2 bersin everywhere.Mama still monitoring the performance otherwise it will be send to the ITD to be formatted.

Anyway,those who felt uneasy with me lepaking at this workstation please do inform me.If not,I will lepak here sampai biler2.hahahahahaaa...bole gitew??

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Rozniza Ali said...

kak nad, bawa2 laa blk duk tempat sendiri kan ader plak suara2 sumbang yg berbunyi nanti..

peace... ;-)

Naddiea said...

niza,don't worry.sireh akan pulang ke gagang.hehhhe...tapi bile laptop akak dh okay.insyaallah very soon.tempat ni akan jadi tempat utk printing only.