Welcome to the world..Baby Adeb Ayman!

Congrats to my dear sister and family..Kak Tina & Abg Izaimi for the new arrival of the precious baby Adeb Ayman.The baby is baby #4.The baby weight is 3.97 kilos.And of course the mommy need to go through the C-Section.Pity my sister because she need to faced all the pain after 3 normal deliveries before this.The reason why my sister need to go through c-sect is that the baby heart is slowing down plus the big size of the baby,the doctor need to c-sect my sister as soon as posibble.

Alhamdulillah..everything is going fine.Both mommy and baby are doing good.So Adeb,be a good boy yaaaaa..muahh muahhh from Mama Teh & family.

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